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Affordable Secure Transactions for Church Donations
FACT:   Millions of benevolent Christians surf the Net every day...

Many of them plant seeds of faith by using credit cards to DONATE online to churches and related organizations....

If your Church's Website does not offer credit card processing, you're missing out on valuable pools of money and resources,

We offer great support and unlimited Secure Credit Card Processing for your donation needs.

In addition, we host the donation cart (shopping) script on our site, but it runs from your site.

We know churches have limited budgets, so we cut our fee to $13.95 per year for Churches ONLY! You simply cannot find secure transaction processing anywhere else at this price, and that's a fact. Set-up costs alone costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for similar processing, and Churches just can't afford that.

This is an incredible offer for Churches; we charge our Commercial customers from $70.95 to $225.95 per month for similar services. You pay only $13.95 for one full year, and if you're not satisfied then simply don't renew your subscription. We'll still keep your church on our database so others can visit your site.

Plus, our system is easy to install (you simply add a few lines of HTML to your page), and it runs on Secure Servers...

What do I get?

For only $13.95/year your Credit Card Donation processing includes:

Your own Donation Page on our database
Free submission of your donation page to 34 major search engines
Free Seamless Hosting of the System's programming
Unlimited Transactions (NO cost per transaction)
Excellent Support and quick response to problems
Free secure credit card processing for your donations
Unlimited Donation Amount Categories
No Charge for New Features

Need more info? Click HERE for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Need a demonstration? Click HERE for our Demo System

To Order with credit card (Visa or Mastercard) simply click "ORDER" button below, or send personal check or money order to address below
Personal Check or Money Order, send to:

906 Caldwell St.
Greensboro, N.C. 27402

Questions? Use Inquiry Form Below....Thank you, and enjoy our site....

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